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NUVEX® solid thermoplastic polymer products are used predominantly for toilet cubicle partitioning, wet area environments and high traffic applications. NUVEX® thermoplastic outperforms phenolic, timber, laminated and metal products in almost every measure of lifespan and durability. NUVEX® thermoplastic is lightweight, easy to handle, resistant to mildew and graffiti and the product itself is maintenance free. NUVEX® adds value in terms of aesthetics and design flexibility, include products for the manufacture of toilet cubicles, shower stalls, seating, lockers, sport fencing and playground equipment. Most importantly, NUVEX® is an environmentally friendly 100% recyclable product.

Nuvex 18 Year Limited Warranty

What Our Customers Say!

Hurstville Central Shopping Centre

I am the facilities manager at Hurstville Central shopping centre and I am writing this letter to share my positive experience in using the Dotmar Nuvex saniboard product. We had Nuvex partitioning installed into our toilet facilities approximately 6 years ago to reduce the damage caused by vandals whom up until this point, managed to destroy and graffiti them on a regular basis. The cost of continually replacing broken panels from abuse and graffiti damage was in the thousands of dollars each year!!

Hurstville central shopping central is directly above Hurstville train station which has around 50,000 people per day pass through its doors. With this high level of traffic daily, we needed to find a solution quickly. Although 6 years old, the toilet partitioning still looks just as new. Since installing the Nuvex partitions we have not had to spend a cent on panel or door replacement in the 6 years since initial installation.

We have high pressure washed the toilets many time over with no negative effect to the product what so ever. As the product is chemical resistant, we are able to remove the graffiti damage from the product surface. Also, we have noticed a substantial reduction in the amount of graffiti damage we are finding due to graffiti artist’s realising there efforts are pointless as we just wipe it all clean again!! I know many other centres are experiencing these same problems on a day to day basis and probably have not heard of the Nuvex product up until now so I hope I have helped you by sharing my success story.

Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions as I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone wanting a real solution to costly toilet facility vandalism.


Chris Bogdan| Facilities Manager – Hurstville Central Shopping Centre - NSW

 Cerno Group

Ecologic Architectural Solutions

Dandenong Police Station (Louvers) A really fast, efficient and painless service. Nuvex Plastics’s ability to precisely cut, form and rout exact sizes made installation on site effortless.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Nuvex again in the future.


Shaun Pudney | Project Manager - Ecologic Architectural Solutions - VIC


Salisbury Council

We are very happy with the product, performance has been very good and graffiti has been easily removed.

I would believe that it has made maintenance a lot easier.


Jarred Collins | Senior Project Manager - City of Salisbury - SA