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Exceptional UV Resistance for Playgrounds & Outdoor Structures

For creative, colorful designs that stand the tests of time and wear and tear in playground and other outdoor structures and enclosures, specify UV stabilized.

NUVEX® Playboard and NUVEX® Leisure board.

This durable material maintains its color and finish after years of exposure to intense sun, tropical or sub-zero temperatures and dry or damp conditions.

NUVEX® Playboard and NUVEX® Leisure board are products specifically designed for playground and outdoor entertainment applications. These two sheet products are made from a high grade Polyethylene polymer from the US and perform exceptionally well in our Australian climate. Complex shapes, intricate routered lines, words and images machine effortlessly into this material. The vibrant colours available can replace materials such as timber, aluminium and cement.

Our NUVEX® Playboard product has many standard colour combinations that are available on demand and although we don’t hold all combinations in stock, they can be easily ordered if the minimum order quantity is met. The colour in NUVEX® Playboard is solid throughout the material, so playgrounds will never lose their vibrant colour. Please contact your local Nuvex Product specialist for more information on these products.

Key Benefits of NUVEX®

  • Great for Playgrounds
  • UV Stabilised for the harsh Australian sun
  • Highly impact resistant
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Durable
  • Tough
  • Easily cleaned



  • Playground structures
  • Outdoor furniture and cabinetry
  • Sports equipment storage units
  • Storage sheds and shed doors
  • Partitions
  • Basketball backboards


Colours(Dual coloured panels)

  • black/white/black
  • red/yellow/red
  • red/white/red
  • blue/yellow/blue
  • blue/white/blue
  • forestgreen/white/forestgreen
  • forest green/beige/forest green
  • beige/red/beige
  • beige/forest green/beige
  • yellow/blue/yellow
  • yellow/red/yellow
  • yellow/black/yellow


*Please contact your local Dotmar/Nuvex branch to confirm availability 1800 170 001.


(Single solid colour)

Blue Forest Green Red Yellow Pure White
Blue Forest Green Red Yellow Pure White

*Please contact your local Dotmar/Nuvex branch to confirm availability 1800 170 001.

NUVEX® Playboard Sizes:

Thickness: 12.70mm, 19.05mm

Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm


NUVEX® Leisureboard Sizes:

Thickness: 19mm

Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm