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NUVEX® seating

NUVEX® seating products are built to be durable even when exposed to UV. The NUVEX® product range is made to resist breakage, swelling and will not rot. Dotmar’s graffiti resistant furniture and seating virtually maintain themselves and require no painting or post treatment.


  • A low maintenance product
  • Never requires painting or varnishing
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Non-stick surface ( Chewing gum free)
  • High impact resistant ( Will not Break, Split or splinter ever)
  • 100% recyclability (One of the most ecologic construction materials available)
  • UV Resistant 
  • Mould and mildew resistant (Ideal in parkland, aquatic and other moist environments )
  • Pressure cleaning resistant
  • Will not get hot or bend like aluminium slats
  • Solid product throughout keeps product looking great for years to come
  • Perfect way to add colour to any environment
  • Smooth textured surface
  • ECO specifier rating

These features, together with 100% recyclability & ECO specifier rating, define NUVEX® as one of the most ecologic construction materials available. With a guaranteed low cost of maintenance for applications, which indicate a low total cost of ownership and an economic advantage over commonly used materials. Schools, Shopping centres, Aquatic centres, exhibition halls and any other environment that may have exposure to the elements and a high degree of traffic is perfect for NUVEX®

Compared to traditional timber slats and panels, NUVEX®   requires no further maintenance other than an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. Timber seating requires re varnishing and painting every 12 – 18 months and in most cases by this stage starts to look shabby, poor and grainy. NUVEX® seating on the other hand has a solid colour throughout and even when marked, looks as great as it did from the first day of its installation. There is never an issue with public safety as this product will never splinter, crack or delaminate. , NUVEX®   is a 100% water proof product that is mould and mildew resistant making it ideal for seating under and around trees and shrubbery. High pressure cleaning is also possible without any harm to the product what so ever. Chewing gum and other sticky residue products will not stick to Nuvex and is usually removed with a simple wipe over with a damp cloth.

  • Available in Blue, Green, light Green Yellow, Red and white.
  • 19mm and 25mm thick.
  • Seating slats and panels are 2 metres in length and can be manufactured to your required width and design.


The NUVEX® SMART seat range incorporates an aluminium extruded support that increases the impact resistance of the plastic by an additional 35% and also improves the slats natural deflection rate by approximately 40% to match that of regular timber slats. The extruded aluminium profile also provides sufficient support to the plastic slat when exposed to the harsh elements of the ever changing Australian climate. Also most importantly, this product is UV resistant. If you have an application that requires little to no long term maintenance, will need to look great for many years to come, and is very easy to keep clean, then the NUVEX® SMART seat range is for you. For more information regarding Nuvex Seating, please contact your local Dotmar EPP branch or call 1800 170 001